Meet Sarah

Wife, dog mom, plant lady, 

dweller of the PNW

I'm a brash, forward, take-no-crap kinda lady. I swear like a sailor and I like to run with the boys. I pride myself in being independent and hard working at everything - which might come from my perfectionist personality. In a world of Post Malone and Taylor Swift, Panic! at the Disco still holds my heart.

I have this tough persona exterior, but on the inside I am full of emotion. Show me anything remotely sentimental and I'm a mess of tears. I find that this ball of emotion I hide really shines when I pursue any form of art. A love for color, the welling of my heart at a couple coming to life through my lens - using my emotion to capture life's fleeting moments is so gratifying.

I recently married my husband, Michael, on the morning of August 10th, 2019 in the woods of Larrabee State Park. It rained all morning and throughout our short 10 minute ceremony. In the five and a half years prior to marriage, we found ways to confide in each other and fall in love more every day.

Michael has been my best friend since day one. On day zero, I stole his luggage while he was moving in to our dorm, but after some problem solving, his luggage was returned and we officially met in Chemistry class at Western Washington University three months later. There was this instantaneous connection between the two of us that we just couldn't shake. And I am a firm believer that we knew each other in a passed life.

What does photography mean to me?

Photography is the best way to capture life's fleeting moments. A single photograph can capture so much emotion - emotion that you can relive over and over again every time you see it. A memory may warp and fade, but a photograph is a memento that can last a lifetime.

Photography can bring us closer together. Between you and your partner laughing through your candid moments. Between you and yourself as you empower yourself to give it your all. Show me your most vulnerable moments. Give me your most gut-busting laugh. Let yourself shine. Connect with those around you to create magic.

Photography is art, connection, memories, & emotion. A reflection of the human mind.

I want to document the biggest and the smallest parts of your life. There are too many moments that travel by in a blink of an eye that we don't remember to capture. I want to create art that makes you feel and remember.

Let's create something that you'll still love when your memory fades and your bones grow tired.

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